Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Google Maps Pedometer Mashup Measures Distance Point By Point

Hackszine's Brian Sawyer points to the great Google Maps mashup Gmaps Pedometer, which allows you to "walk off" distances using a simple method: set your starting point, double-click to add new points along the map, and drag the map wherever you want to go. I can't get enough of it; I just confirmed that a popular exercise route around the lake at my work - on nameless roads and footpaths - is just shy of a mile. I am also fairly obsessive about learning the relative lengths of multiple routes to get places I frequent, but I am also very forgetful, so usually forget to check my end odometer when I arrive, and have never been so obsessed as to attempt to keep a log. Now I can just walk them off in one fell swoop and know once and for all which is the shorter route.

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kevin said...

like your site! I've also cofounded another pedometer site called MapMyRun where you can do a lot of the basic features like GmapPed but then it offers a whole extended feature set like being able to save runs to your profile, share with friends, plot elevation, and even upload into 3D googleEarth! Check it out and drop me a note using the feedback link!