Saturday, January 06, 2007

Barille and Wilkosz's Coragol

Here is another in a series of "rejects" for my Toddler Arthouse Cinema series (see the new nav on ZRecs for a complete listing of films to date). This short bit from Coragol has nice animation but I was truly amazed at how poorly the soundtrack integrates with the visuals. It's so irrelevant it almost sounds like an overdub, but I'm pretty sure this is what was released with the film. Reminds me of the Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplain films you can buy on DVD for $1 which are set to music by some low-rent L.A. video distributor who picked a piece of music and just hit play to soundtrack a classic silent film. At least here the music picks up when Coragol awakens, but come on! That said, I still really like this clip. The wake-up scene is cute and it's great how the animators represent the cartwheel from Coragol's point of view.

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