Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hastily Planned Flash Mob Cancelled Unless You Can Think of Something Really Challenging We Could Do

UPDATE: There are several fridges and if there are under 20 users there already it is waaaaaay too easy. Thanks to all those who already wrote in asking to participate - we'll have to not do it again sometime! I was able to do the following by myself just now, with 15 others busily working there...

I do like the idea of an online mob of perfectly legitimate users coordinating their activities in a space like this. If you know of any good virtual location for such an activity that does not involve the use of avatars, let me know.

The above is not what I meant to have our little mob write, by the way - the tagging bug got the best of me, I guess. What I meant to write was...

Well, that isn't quite it either. But someone kept messing with my letters.

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