Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blogger Ate My Homework

I ported over to the new Blogger a week or so ago, and my 'Previous Posts' somehow became recent posts. This means that on an archived page they don't track further backwards, creating an awkward wall of silence between my most recent 15 posts and the 234 that came before it. In fact, publishing this post knocks my nod to Walt and Ub's "Egyptian Melodies" into the abyss of my blog archives. Gratuitous self-linking can only take you so far!

Clicking my way through the Previous Posts menu has been my favorite way to browse through many blogs that offer it. I can't get the label widget to show up either, and haven't braved the task of wrecking and rebuilding my template to see if that will allow me to show off a list of labels in the nav, which basically trumps Previous Posts in terms of pure browsing pleasure anyway. In the meantime, I'm bumping up my archives links to the top of the navigation so you can still browse around if you like.

If anyone knows enough about Blogger to understand how such a problem might be solved, I would appreciate your expertise. Things are getting prehistoric around here...

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