Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Preview Of Things To Come At Think In Pictures

I don't have a major post for this week, but wanted to mention a few things I hope will significantly impact your experience as a reader. (No, I'm not migrating to WordPress...) I have made promises in the past that I have no intention of keeping - my Blogger blogs survey, for example, is dead in the water, as I realized I have much more interesting things to think about (for now) than indexing thousands of random Blogger-hosted blogs. So for this announcement I will only tell you about things I am working on right now:

  • Artist/Educator Interviews: I will begin to feature these next week, and hope to keep up a steady stream of them. If you know of a K-12 art teacher who also works professionally as an artist (one litmus test for professionalism: they must have a website), I would love to hear something about them. I am currently asking people like this what it's like to take part in both of those worlds.
  • Political Art And Its Discontents: Inspired by a ridiculous statement by a Guardian critic bemoaning the absence of war as a topic of interest to contemporary artists, I'm developing a review of contemporary political art encompassing historic exemplars of the form, criteria for political art that stands the test of time, and the phenomenon that is Bansky, along with an interview with a "war" artist and illustrator who hasn't gotten much attention yet but is very worthy of it.
  • Visuals As An Aid To Writing: I recently finished and am now editing a draft of my first novel, and have been using some interesting spreadsheets and other visualizations in the process. These tools are not obsessive documents of my process but are borne out of specific writing and editing needs, and I thought they might be useful or interesting to others.

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