Monday, April 23, 2007

We Need A New Word For This. Let's See, What Should We Call It?

Artists are increasingly being "commissioned" to produce brand-friendly works of "art." From AdAge (registration required):

Agneessens takes an active role in the creative process, collaborating with brands on the vision for art projects as well as artists. "Ironically enough," he says, "I personally prefer to work on branded art projects than for galleries. Of course, there is the constraint of being close to the brand value in the content you generate, but if you select the right artist, this should come naturally." [Via|Link]
All of the times you called an artist a "sellout" sound a little hollow now, don't they? The bands that signed with major labels. The artists who started repeating themselves for sales potential. Good times!

Don't you wish you could take it all back, so you could use the term now and it would really matter? No, we need a new word for this. Any suggestions?

We could do worse than looking to David Lynch, who was asked about a related topic in a recent interview: product placement in movies. Strong language alert!

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