Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Orange Clothing Company, Makers of Accidental Nazi Propaganda Sold At Wal-Mart, Looking For New Blood. Mock Resumes Needed!

Apparently things didn't work out for the last Vice President of Sales at the Orange Clothing Company, the maker of the SS-Totenkopf T-shirt still for sale at some Wal-Marts. The OCC is currently looking for a replacement.

From their Craigslist post:

Are you looking for a fun work environment, but still want the professionalism and opportunity for advancement, growth and personal satisfaction? If so, ORANGE CLOTHING COMPANY is the perfect place for you to further your career. Orange Clothing is a fun, cool, young mens clothing company, specilizing [sic] in branded and private label shirts, hats and boardshorts. We take the product from design to production to sales, and everything in between. Our customers include retailers such as Wal-Mart, Macy’s and JCP, and specialty stores.

We are looking for energetic, aggressive, motivated and dynamic sales associates to manage our growth and sales efforts. The ideal canditate should have:

• Minimum 2 to 4 years sales experinace [sic]
• Established relationships with retailers
• College degree
• Computer literacy [actual literacy not required!]
• Be a team player [should have be? wait a sec...]

This challenging position calls for a self directed and energetic person with excellent communication skills. Responsibilities will include:

• Developing new business
• Coordinating sales
• Cold Calling
• Input in marketing

The company is based in Miami, and will provide a competitive salary plus benefits.

If you have what it takes E-mail use your resume and [wha?] WE WANT YOU!!
Submit your fake resume here.


Anonymous said...

I got screwed over SO bad by Orange Clothing. They asked me to design some clothes for them and then they refused to pay me the full amount when I gave them the work. THey shorted me 1,000.00 and a friend of mine is a graphic artist and did over 30 designs for them and they refused to pay him the $2,300. they owed him and they used his designs. They are CROOKS!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about doing some graphic work for them 11/14. Wondering if the same crap management is in place that you speak of...

Michelle Schusher? Continues to run ads on Craigslist... Please let me know, so I can cancel my Friday interview. I don't want to be ripped off.