Tuesday, July 03, 2007

iHate Your iPhone

I am so very ill from consumption of iPhone blog coverage. If you are like me, I have two remedies for you.

1. Turn the sound off in the YouTube player, turn on some soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating music, and then press play.

Wanton destruction, or performance art?

2. Read the Fake Steve Jobs blog. It was fun before, but since the iPhone release it has been cathartic comedy sent straight from heaven:
Meanwhile there is one story I need to share with you. iPhone has already saved a life. A young woman in southern California called to tell us that she accidentally locked her keys inside her car, and her dog, a tiny bichon frise, was in there too. Luckily she had her iPhone in her purse and was able to call for help. The dog was fine. "The police told me that if I hadn't been using an iPhone, things might not have turned out so well," she told us. "They all said that they're getting iPhones for every member of their families, just for safety reasons. I hope you will let people know about iPhone's special safety characteristics. And thank you, Steve Jobs. God bless you for what you've done for the world." [Link]
Actually, this post is my favorite.

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