Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Fair Use Day

Incidentally, today is Fair Use Day, which I have nothing interesting to say about. Just to be a jerk about it, I will point out that the Electronic Frontier Foundation doesn't know a good soapbox from a bad one - give them one, however rickety, and they'll stand on it and start crowing.

"Disrespectful, shameful, and outrageous" indeed - I disagree with the broader position on copyright that Web Sheriff and the labels employing the company represent as much as anyone at the EFF, but what von Lohmann castigates Web Sheriff for is simply a company trying to be more personable in enforcing an unpopular law with some small measure of sensitivity. The post, and the argument, is a credibility-squanderer - unless, of course, you are another of those people already so blind to opposing views on the issue that the mere whiff of blood will get you thrashing around.

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