Thursday, July 05, 2007

Aviary gearing up for multimedia production splendor

Worth1000's totally unexpected and tantalizing raft of webapps (yes, I'm waiting for an invite), Aviary, has so many plans you will shake your head in disbelief. If you haven't heard yet, the applications will include:

  • Phoenix: Image editor.
  • Toucan: A swatch generator tool and community in one.
  • Peacock: A pattern generator tool and community in one.
  • Raven: Vector editor.
  • Hummingbird: 3D modeller.
  • Myna: Audio editor.
  • Roc: Music generator.
  • Hawk: Video editor.
  • Owl: Desktop publishing tool.
  • Penguin: Word processor (geared towards poets and writers).
  • Pigeon: Painting simulator.
  • Rookery: A free, unlimited distributed file system network that anyone can connect to and store data in. It also powers our search engine.
  • Eagle: A smart online application that can identify complex data about an image based on the pixel patterns (for example it can identify which specific camera an image originaly came from and whether it has been edited or not).
  • Crane: Custom image product creator, that can integrate with other websites.
Sounds too good, and too robust, to be true, yes? But all signs so far point to a polished set of apps, not least of which is a sample 3D rendering they posted to their blog today.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping that Aviary is one of those rare examples of a fresh idea totally changing the software landscape - in this case, developing web applications with extremely narrow functionality to eliminate bloat, streamline uptake, and provide a service in a way people didn't know they needed until they found it, and later will not be able to imagine doing without. Time will tell. [Via Plime]

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