Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Colorization of Popeye Cartoons

John Kricfalusi has an interesting post up today about a new DVD set of Popeye cartoons. After pointing out the many great things about Popeye and plaintively asking why they are off the air* he starts picking at the color palette of the few color cartoons on the disc, comparing the colors of the Popeye "Ali Baba" and "Sinbad" cartoons. See if you can tell which one is "very rich with lots of subtleties" and which one is the "My Little Pony version."

Head over to John K.'s blog and let him show you how great Popeye was and is. [Link]

* In my opinion, it's the violence between human characters that did Popeye in. You can only get away with cartoonish violence as a major plot device when you are dealing with animals, i.e. Tom and Jerry.

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