Thursday, May 31, 2007

Malfunctioning Fax Machines Hate The Algorithm: Misprint Leads to Bomb Scare in Terrorized Boston Suburb

Fax received at Ashland, Massachusetts Bank of America which was assumed to be a bomb threat, and which led to the evacuation of the bank, a daycare center, and other businesses at an Ashland, Massachusetts strip mall while HAZMAT teams searched the site:

Fax as sent from another Bank of America fax machine:

From Boston's WCBV-TV: "Fortunately, the incident was a false alarm. A document, which was an internal communication sent from a malfunctioning fax machine, combined with a suspicious package brought into the Ashland banking center, caused some concern," Bank of America said in a statement. Of course, checking the fax's "received from" number certainly could have provided a clue!

Who knew high-end fax machines were a key ally in the War on Terror? [Via|Link]

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