Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ceiling Height Linked To Scope of Thoughts

New research into consumer behavior has found a link between the height of a room's ceiling and the kind of thoughts a person will have in that room.

Researcher Joan Meyers-Levey explains: "When a person is in a space with a 10-foot ceiling, they will tend to think more freely, more abstractly. They might process more abstract connections between objects in a room, whereas a person in a room with an 8-foot ceiling will be more likely to focus on specifics."

The blog Innovations Report explains:

The authors theorized that when reasonably salient, a higher versus a lower ceiling can stimulate the concepts of freedom versus confinement, respectively. This causes people to engage in either more free-form, abstract thinking or more detail-specific thought. Thus, depending on what the task at hand requires, the consequences of the ceiling could be positive or negative.
I'm not sure I'm completely convinced. Could someone please test this on some Sims and get back to me?


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