Thursday, October 26, 2006

In Search of an International Sign For Breastfeeding is holding a contest for an international sign for breastfeeding, meant to designate a breastfeeding-friendly location. The contest's organizers write:

The image of a baby bottle announcing the location of a "parents lounge" in an airport got us thinking: Is there an international symbol for breastfeeding? Similar to the familiar icons we've all seen indicating a handicapped parking spot or the women's restroom, this image would be a recognizable symbol indicating that a place is breastfeeding friendly. Ideally, the space would be private, quiet, with a comfortable chair and an electrical outlet for pumping.
The contest is an interesting design opportunity, because there is such a need for this symbol (I'm speaking here as the husband of a breastfeeding mother) and such a vacuum in U.S. culture surrounding official acknowledgment of the culture of public (non-sequestered) breastfeeding. That the winning entry (or, if a very bad entry happened to win, an alternate) could actually be adopted internationally is a testament to that need.

You can view the 12 finalists and vote for the winner here. Votes can be cast through October 30.

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