Friday, October 06, 2006

How Tana Hoban Changed Children's Books

I just posted a quick review of two picture books by Tana Hoban on Z Recommends that seems relevant to readers of Think In Pictures. From the review:

"Shadows and Reflections," published in 1990, represents a culmination of some of Hoban's thinking about engaging children with visual concepts. There is first the basic insight, true to her conscious cultivation of a child's-eye view, that shadows and reflections, while being almost diametrically opposed phenomena (one represents color and surface by reflecting light, and the other represents shape by blocking it), pose wonderfully interlocking puzzles for small children. In the case of interpreting a shadow, the question is, "What does this represent?" while in the case of a reflection, their challenge is "Where does this representation come from?" In both types of photographs Hoban frames her images in ways that emphasize these tantalizing questions for inexperienced eyes.
Read more at ZRecs.

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