Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Announcing A New Sister Blog: "Darkroomers: Building An Analog Color Darkroom"

In Darkroomers, photographer Jennifer McNichols and I will document the process of building an analog color darkroom. We start from a position of total naivete, and are planning on having a professional-quality color darkroom within six months, so we thought it would be an interesting process to document!

Posting will be irregular, with major updates that provide a lot of detail for others interested in doing the same thing, or simply in building a darkroom vicariously through us. If you've ever wondered why so few artists print in color with film, this blog could go a long way towards explaining why - and if you've ever wondered how you might take your own analog (i.e. non-digital) photography to the next level beyond the bathroom black-and-white darkroom, we have the goods.

This should be a fun blog for us to post our personal stories about the design, building and troubleshooting process and will document the challenges as well as any mistakes so that others can benefit from our experience, and we'll also post links to interesting analog photography projects as well as samples of some of Jenni's own work.

Our most recent post shows off the kit building we'll be using, as well as architectural renderings of our planned modifications and interior layout.

You can visit the new blog here. For now, anyone who donates $3 or more to the project can get a complimentary test strip from Jenni's impending photo printing trip to Seattle - see the plaintive links on the sidebar at Darkroomers!

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