Monday, February 12, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering How You Would Survive Without "Parade" Magazine

From the wondrous Regret The Error:

The issue of Parade magazine included in today's editions of The [Baltimore] Sun [and nationwide] contains an item in the "Personality Parade" column saying that Barbaro is in improving health. Because the magazine's publication schedule runs weeks in advance of distribution, the item was written before the horse's death and could not be corrected in time.
You heard them. WEEKS IN ADVANCE.

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Joshua said...

I noticed this same bizarre entry as well. "Didn't that horse die?"

I used to read "Parade" religiously, and still do when I get a chance. It started with an addiction to "Ask Marilyn."

That same issue included a really insane "World's Worst Dictators" feature in which King Abdullah and Hu Jintao outranked Robert Mugabe.