Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Announcing A Sister Wiki: Toyinstructions

I was assisting at a training all weekend, but I'd rather pin my silence at TiP on toyinstructions, a new wiki ZRecs has launched which deep-links to toy instructions online and is poised to be much more if we can find some passionate contributors. We're currently posting not only links to the exact pages where you'll find toy instructions on manufacturers' websites, but human-edited links to blog search (Technorati), photos (Flickr), user groups (Yahoo Groups), and DIY projects (Instructables and Make, with more sites to come). We also have a handy toy recall search tool and a couple of cool community features, with more planned for later.

Take a look and by all means let me know what you think; thanks to links this morning from Hackszine and the Make blog, we have a lot of folks stopping by; now all we need is for some folks to start editing pages, posting instructions to Flickr and tagging them "toyinstructions," and making suggestions for the site. [Link]

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