Thursday, December 21, 2006

Open Letter To All The People Who Come To Think In Pictures In Hopes of Scoring Some Rankin & Bass Desktop Wallpaper

At some point this afternoon, forty-one of the most recent 100 visitors to this blog arrived by searching for something and following a link to a Think In Pictures post in their search results. This is what they were looking for when they found TiP:

  • uranium fission animation download
  • the land of make believe poster
  • moebius wallpaper
  • picasa web album
  • annunciation paintings middle ages
  • picasa image resolution
  • christmas notes animation
  • the land of make believe jaro hess
  • animated christmas pics
  • jaro hess land of make believe
  • chess helper
  • graffiti artist meaning
  • sparkline font
  • pictures of animated frosty the snowman
  • jill greenberg prints
  • channel 9 news story los angeles december 18 p
  • godhead pictures
  • people outraged at pictures of crying babies
  • karolina sobecka
  • graffiti arts
  • short way tofree pics
  • jill greenberg effect
  • fiji water
  • texas art teacher
  • ballet terms and visuals
  • fiji water not good
  • retro desktop backgrounds
  • ppt animations of a
  • hacking powerpoint, custom elements
  • frank rich hoepker
  • open source eye-tracking
  • keith olbermann on colbert report
  • encoding for youtube
  • find a portrait studio that takes pictur
  • nyc blueprint for the arts
  • texas nude teacher photos
  • rankin & bass wallpaper
  • stop motion animation whiteboard
  • wallpaper spore the game
  • xmas education animated
Astute or obsessive readers may have noticed that there are only forty lines in that list. That is because there was one search which was quite disturbing and which contained the words "pictures" and "children" and undoubtedly led a web surfer to one of my posts about Jill Greenberg, but which I have deleted from the above list for the sake of decorum.

In any given day, approximately 20% of people coming to Think In Pictures are following a link from somewhere on the Internet to my writings on Jill Greenberg, and most of them stay to read something else. Another 10% come to read what I have written about graffiti, and are likewise lured to the main blog page or to some other post. Another 10% appear to be feed subscribers. The rest - a full 60% (approximately) of site visitors - wander through old incoming links and web searches like the ones above.

They do not always find what they are looking for. Case in point: For some reason I get several hits almost every day from people who are looking for Rankin & Bass wallpaper. I have written about Rankin & Bass' Frosty the Snowman, once, but I have never uttered as much as a whisper about related wallpaper, real or virtual. There seems to be an insatiable hunger on the Internet for Rankin & Bass desktop wallpaper.

Despite this fact, "Rankin & Bass wallpaper" does not generate enough hits to register on Google Trends' web search tracker. Google Trends can tell us some interesting things about the quest for "desktop wallpaper," however. The collective desire for desktop wallpaper has declined by roughly 50% since the beginning of 2004. That is a very serious decline, and should give pause to anyone in the business of supplying desktop wallpapers. In fact, I am currently downgrading my recommendation for any and all desktop wallpaper stocks from HOLD to SELL. You heard it here first. I am sorry to say that the market for desktop backgrounds, while substantially more robust than that of desktop wallpaper, has experienced a similar decline.

You can find some cute Rankin & Bass desktop wallpaper here. Okay?

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