Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Action Painting With The Wii

Photos by Zac Bentz.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremiah,

I just wanted to say "Thanks!" for featuring my Wii photos. I've been a reader of TIP for some time now. It was quite a shock to open up my feeds and see my photos! They seem to be hitting some other sites too, which I must say is very weird to me.

Anyway, thanks again, and thanks for the awesome visuals.


Jeremiah McNichols said...

Thanks, Zac. I always find it interesting how quickly people find ways to express themselves with new products and media that are handed to them "fully-formed." I would be interesting to see how such an exercise could double as a document of a played game or a segment of one - perhaps that is what you were already doing, in which case providing some more info would be of interest to viewers. Otherwise, consider it. It is very much like action painting - the image is a document of an experience.