Monday, November 27, 2006

DIY, With Kids

I've begun a series of features on creative types who involve their very young children in their art, and am publishing them on Think In Pictures' sister blog, Z Recommends. First up is Lizette Greco, the Flickr-famed seamstress who has her two kids, age six and seven, using a sewing machine to create improbably hip stuffed creatures from their own drawings. (Above is "Trinoceros," currently available at her Etsy store.) From our interview:

"When I need a drawing for a non-gift project like a softie, I go through the piles of their drawings that have accumulated in their room and pick one up, or I choose from the hundred that I have filed away through the years. If I don't find what I need, I ask if they can draw "something" (a particular animal or creature) for me. Sometimes the kids share their ideas of what an ideal softie should look like (color, size, how many limbs) or what my next one should be, such as another fish to accompany the first one I've made or an octopus, squid, turtles..."

Read more on Z Recommends.

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Dan Sumption said...

I did something similar: I used my kids' style of photography as an inspiration for some of my own work, in my project Light of my Life.