Monday, November 13, 2006

Seven Visual Timers (With .PPT Download)

Inspired a while ago by a post about timing events in the classroom at the wonderful ed/tech blog, I took on the challenge of representing the passage of segments of time in PowerPoint visually. I decided to make visualizations I thought would be convenient for educators - the intervals are two minutes, five minutes, then ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, and forty-five minutes. Sadly, the file is not Mac-friendly - most of the animations use motion paths, which the truly spartan Mac version of PowerPoint cannot handle. I gave up on designing in PowerPoint for Macs long ago, and there really are no strong alternative presentation design programs when it comes to basic animation.

You can download the PowerPoint yourself from my Google Base account, or see a couple of highly sped-up samples thanks to YouTube:

Download the PowerPoint here.

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Doug Belshaw said...

Hi Jeremiah,

Glad you liked the post and that it inspired you! I've always wanted to integrate a countdown visual aid like the ones you've produced with a Countdown theme tune. Possible?

Oh, and thanks for alerting me to the possibilities of Google Base - I'm going to experiment hosting my podcasts there instead of the Internet Archive... :-)