Friday, June 16, 2006

Warning: Learning Ahead

Every teacher should have a provocative warning sign to tell students they'll be challenging them to learn. Deep in the bowels of the Wooster Collective's Flickr photo pool I ran across Melvin Design's post on the fabulous Warning Label Generator.

The site consists of a form with a variety of labels and warning images to choose from, and form fields for you to write your own content in the lower right pane.

With the current settings, labels can be used as a provocative introductory slide to a PowerPoint presentation or group discussion. All we could ask for is a higher resolution image suitable for printing - it's 500 px wide and 72 dpi, and even the jpeg quality at the current resolution could be upped a bit. I'd like to see signs like this posted on classroom walls (click on the image to see it full-size):

Go make your own at this simple and elegant site.

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