Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Reader Challenge: Fill In the Blanks

I will be posting periodic visual "daisy chains" with an invitation to blog readers to fill in gaps in a visual record. This first one was inspired by the final image.

What image or images should go in position 4? Post or find one or more photos somewhere online and drop me a link in the comments to this post, along with whatever commentary you deem necessary (I have tried to keep my own to a minimum, offering just enough to reveal my train of thought). I will create a final post in a week that summarizes the best submissions.

Take a few minutes to take a crack at this art-historical exercise.


St. Peters Basilica, Rome. Classical, abstract.


Correggio's Assumption of the Virgin. Theatrical (Baroque), impassioned.


Cortona's Triumph of Divine Providence (featuring the papal Barberini family's celestial VIP status), Palazzo Barberini. Political.



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Anonymous said...

How about this?

St. Paul's Cathedral during the German bombing raids of WWII.

Anonymous said...

More interesting to take this one figuratively than literally... but either one might work :)