Friday, July 14, 2006

Virtually Free Macro Photo Studio

Strobist posted a great tutorial last weekend on how to make a mini-studio for shooting still lifes and product shots on a neutral background. There must have been something in the stars, because I spent a few minutes that same day taking some photographs for my sister's birth announcement. David points out that his $10 price tag is pretty inflated - if you scrounge a bit, it should cost under $5. But what if you don't have $5, or don't feel like going out for supplies, or don't shoot small product shots very often, or are just very, very, very busy? On Saturday, I happened to match most of those criteria, so I employed the following setup:


  • One subject.
  • One camera.
  • One piece of white foam core board.
  • One knife.
  • Sunlight.
  • Slice board along one edge, making sure not to cut through the other side. Fold.
  • Set folded board up on a chair, rock, or anything else handy that is outside and preferably in strong, indirect sunlight.
  • Photograph. Photoshop.

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