Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tomorrow: Visualizing Dissent

As traffic on this blog has grown I have done my best to prepare my best content for the Tuesday rush (Tuesday and Wednesday, for inexplicable reasons, are the biggest traffic days for most blogs), so I thought I'd post a note for readers.

I'm working on a major piece about graffiti art, information design and the role of creative play in political and social protest in the age of visual politics, inspired in part by a variety of protest-based work published recently at the Wooster Collective as well as by contemporary artists who take in political themes in more traditional media. Part I will publish tomorrow morning, and Part II will be up on Thursday, so if you are interested in this topic or my interpretation of it I encourage you to return or simply subscribe to my site feed via the links at right.

Other pieces I'm working on include:

  • Flawed Tools, Advanced Techniques: How Edward Tufte's Critique of PowerPoint Fails Educators
  • Pirates of the Videodrome: Stock Footage on Google Video
  • Blogger Blogs: An Anecdotal Survey
  • Presentation Software Roundup: Alternatives to PowerPoint
My goal is to publish one major piece a week on Tuesday or Wednesday, and post additional links and comments on interesting content in the arts, technology, and education elsewhere throughout the week.

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