Saturday, June 30, 2007

Things To Win, Look At, Photograph, Or Buy

Over on TiP-run parenting site Z Recommends we're having a little contest to give away some amazing box rivets invented to make cardboard fort-building easier. Three people who submit the best idea for a fort plan not already designed by the inventor will win a box of rivets and a rivet remover, shipped free to their home. My best non-parent pitch for the contest is on Geekdad. The contest ends today.

We also started a Flickr pool, Couch Fort Confidential. You're probably a Flickr member and you probably want to go build a couch or blanket fort right now. You should take a picture of it and submit it to the pool.

I also found out recently that Mitch Altman is willing to accept the THINKPICS coupon code for 20% off any TV-B-GONE, where previously it had been limited to the latest model. That means if you're interested in the discounted second-generation edition instead of the third-generation release (the earlier one doesn't have some of the latest big-screen codes) you can get one for around $8 after our 20% discount, which is really a steal. Today is the last day of the promotion - as of tomorrow, the coupon won't work and we'll take down all our advertising for it. You can buy one here.

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